Techniques from around the Web

A collection of useful insect-related techniques from around the web.

How to Rear Wood-boring Beetles

Ted McRae provides an awesome overview of a great collecting and learning technique.

DIY Entomology Equipment

Tucker Lancaster provides an excellent how-to guide for homemade aspirators, berlese funnels, light sheets, beetle rearing chambers, kill jars, spreading equipment, and display boxes.

How to Paint Ants

A video by Andrew Quitmeyer demonstrating a method for paint-marking ants for behavioral experiments.

Planting Rocks for Subterranean Insects

Robert Dunn has a cool suggestion for attracting subterranean insects to your garden.

Adapting the iPhone for Insect Photography

Alex Wild demonstrates how to make a cheap homemade macro lens for your iPhone.

Better Microscope Photography

Alex Wild has a cool tip for using a styrofoam cup or other white surface to diffuse light for microscope photography.  In addition he points out that an iPhone can be used to take photos through a stereoscope.

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