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Just For Fun

29 Apr

Blog author with freaking GIANT wolf spider on her face! AGH!

So it’s that time of year (the really, crazy busy time), and I think we should take a little humor break this week.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here is a list of my favorite search terms that have somehow led people to my blog.  Some of these I like for their sheer baffling irrelevancy, some for their unintended meanings, and some for the stories my mind makes to explain them.

Award winners:

ant ctrl delete  – best pesticide name
small 6 legged winged bugs  – most ambiguous insect description
nanite swarm – best science fiction / insect crossover
plants excrete in the form of vapour – best analogy
pictures of missing sinus – best free association
leaf footed bug toxicity to humans  – best implied back-story
ground beatle eating cricket – best unintended pun

Runners up:

it has many eyes and six legs and love sugar
lubber grasshopper – purpose of front 2 legs
ant with a black bottom
lost his legs in nom
wolf bearing sword
tiny male grasshoppers mating
fun dung
drip dry gloves
cricket we love you
a picture of a pile of beetles
scorpions do have front claws photos
stinky ball

Also, if you haven’t checked it out, you should drop in on Collin’s new blog, Advanced Degrees, for funny pictures of graduate school life.  I think this fills a very important gap in the humor blogosphere, because grad life is, frankly, ridiculous.  Like the time I found the note “Email Ingram about Brains” on my planner and realized I had become a mad scientist.

If you have any good pictures (and I know you do) please take a moment to send them his way!