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Spider Hider

21 May
Spider in refuge.

A spider in its refuge.

Still more from Argentina.  Spiders are not insects so this particular arthropod has 8legs2many.  But he gets on the site anyway.  That’s also my excuse for not being able to provide a better ID for this guy.  If I had to take a stab at it, I’d say jumping spider.  But if you know your spiders better than I do I’d love to hear it.

Many spiders use their silk not for spinning webs and capturing prey, but rather for creating a comfortable hiding place, called a refuge.  Depending on the type of spider and environment, they may weave an entire cocoon-like nest or incorporate materials from their surrounding environment.  Alternatively, they may line burrows or pre-existing cavities with webbing to make the walls of their home easier to climb.  In this case, the spider has used silk to fold over a leaf to create a hiding area.

Experience has shown me that picking apart bundles of silk found in the wild will sometimes reveal a cache of lovingly swaddled spider eggs or perhaps a cocooned insect pupae, and sometimes an angry/terrified spider.  Fun!